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Posted on: February 27, 2018

Snowmobile Ordinance

Strawberry Point City Code

Article 40



40.02 PLACE OF OPERATION. The operators of snowmobiles shall observe the following limitations as to where snowmobiles may be operated:

1. Unplowed Streets. Snowmobiles may be operated upon streets which have not been plowed during the snow season.

                                                            (Code of Iowa, 2013 Sec. 321G.1 (18))

2. Other Streets. Snowmobiles may be operated on any street within the city for the sole and exclusive purpose of using the most direct roadway for the ingress to and egress from the city. No snowmobile shall be driven on any roadway solely for entertainment pleasure.

3. Parks and other Public Land. Snowmobiles shall not be operated in any city park, playground or upon any other publicly owned property except with the express permission of the governing body therof.

4. Private Property. No snowmobile shall be operated upon private property without the express consent of the owner thereof.

                                                            (Code of Iowa, 1013, Ch.716)

5. Sidewalk or Parking. No snowmobile shall be operated upon the public sidewalk, nor shall they be operated upon that portion of the street located between the curb line and the sidewalk or property commonly referred to as the “parking” except for purposes of crossing the same to a public sreet upon which operation is authorized by the chapter.

6. Minors. No person under sixteen years of age shall operate a snowmobile on or across a public street unless he or she has in his or her possession a valid safety certificate issued to him or her by the state conservation commission nor shall the owner or operator of any snowmobile having an engine rating of 300 cubic centimeters or more permit any person under twelve years of age to operate such a snowmobile at any time except when accompanied by a responsible person of at least (18) years of age.

                                                            (Code of Iowa, 2013 Sec. 321 G.9 (6) and 321 G. 2)

7. Hours of Operation Limited. No Snowmobile shall be operated in the city between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. except for emergency situations of for loading and unloading from a transport trailer.

                                                            (Code of Iowa, 2013 Sec. 321 G2)

The items above are highlights of the City Ordinance. A full copy of this Ordinance is available at the Strawberry Point City Hall. 

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